The Quest

What is "The Quest": It is a fund raising competition with the aim to see as many different bird species within Queensland as is possible in one year. It is fun but competitive and relies on your integrity (honesty and the adherence to Birdlife Australia ethical birding practices).

How to get involved: Email :
advising your name and "The Quest" before the end of February


  1. See a different bird species for every day of the year, the aim is to achieve 365 different bird species, however if you are really keen you can try and see more than 365 bird species.

  2. The start date is the 1st of January and the end  date is the 31st of December. However, you are given until the end of February to join the competition. This allows late comers to join “The Quest” without being disadvantaged due to holidays etc.

  3. Each different bird species seen can only be counted once. Birds that can only be heard are not counted; they have to be seen.

  4. To remain eligible in “The Quest” the number of different bird species seen must always exceed the number of days in the year that have passed. You can be as far in front of the days as you like, but once the days and the number of different bird species match, you are out. Example: The months of January and February combined have a  total of 59 days (not counting a leap year) so you must have seen and counted at least 60 different bird species (not 59) by the end of February, otherwise you are out.

  5. Only bird species seen in Queensland are eligible to be counted. This includes feral species e.g: Indian Peafowl (Peacock), Spotted Dove, Common Myna etc.

  6. Count updates are recorded each month at the Monthly General Meetings and in the quarterly newsletter “The Drongo”

  7. The winner of “The Quest” will be the first eligible member to reach 365 different bird species in accordance with the Rules. If no one achieves that goal then the winner will be the eligible member with the greatest number of different bird species seen for the year. 

  8. Even after the winner has been announced, “The Quest” continues for all eligible members until the 31st of December, thus allowing those members to achieve a personal best.

  9. At the finish of your “Quest” all participating members are expected to pay as soon as possible (but no later than the 31st of December) according to the number of different bird species they have seen and counted. Each different bird species counted costs 5 cents.

  10. All “The Quest” monies raised are donated to  conservation and environmental projects, selected by the Birdlife Townsville Committee.

  11. All participating members (who have paid) will be entered into a draw to win a prize nominated by the Birdlife Townsville Committee which will be drawn at the next AGM.

Remember to win it — you have to be in it.


2023   Anne Lawrance  365

2022   Anne Lawrance  366

2021    Len Ezzy   365

2020   Paul Thompson   320

2019   Ian Leach   309