Photography Group

Contact:  Mark Horvath   0409332633

Meets: 7pm First Tuesday of each month at the TCC Bicentennial Building (Soundshell), Kirwan.

Monthly Photography Theme Guidelines

  1. Images should match the month’s theme and been captured within the 12 months preceding the month in which they are shown.
  2. There is a limit of 20 images per person, 10 of which should match the theme.
  3. The best image ratio to match the projector / screen is 4:3. Cropping to this ratio ensures the image will be displayed full screen.
  4. File size for each image should be kept to around 1mb.
  5. A selection of images are kept for showing at a Birdlife Townsville general meeting so please insert your initials within the file name somewhere.  Adding initials to the end of the file name is the most convenient. This enables the photographer to be  identified at the meeting, if needs be.
  6. Don’t forget to bring your supper to the meeting so we can chin-wag over a cuppa after the photos are over.

Photography Themes for 2020

January – More than one. This one should be self-explanatory. Just an image with more than the one bird in it.

February – Rainforest Species. Not interested where the image was taken or even if it was in a rainforest just an image depicting a species that you would normally find in a rainforest. So, a Lewin’s Honeyeater image taken out at Ravenswood would qualify.

March – L to P Inclusive. Basically, images of species where the first word in their common name starts with an L through to P. For example: Latham’s Snipe, Orange-footed Scrubfowl, Pacific Heron or Little Pied Cormorant etc.  

April – Water/Wet. With this one see if you can do more than just have a bird with water somewhere in the shot. Try to get some interaction between the two or maybe a bird that is wet. Alternatively, you could go for a nice reflection.

May – Birds and Blooms. Once again this one should be self-explanatory. Just a title variation on the Feathers and Flowers theme we had two years ago.

June – Airborne. Yes, I know I could have titled this one “In Flight” but if you get an image with a bird off the ground/branch etc but not flying that also qualifies.

July – Black and/or White. This one is a little tricky in that black and white birds a notoriously difficult to photograph well so here they can be black or white or both. If you feel a little artistic you could also have a non-black and/or white bird in greyscale.

August – Coastal Birds. Just images taken of birds on the intertidal area or the areas just behind the beach.

September – Raptors/Owls/Nightjars. We’ll have to plan a few night outings for the last two families so keep your ears open for when they are on. Other than that, the Raptor part should not be a problem.

October –Preening/Behaviour. Someone suggested preening as a topic and that is included here but to allow others a little leeway, I thought it might be best to include behaviour.

November – R to Z. If you successfully displayed images in March for species’ common names beginning with L to P you should have no trouble meeting the theme here.

December – Favourites. These are to be what you feel were you favourite images taken in 2020. They do not have to be your best images or even shown during the year just those that make you feel good, whether that is because it’s a great shot or it was the enjoyment of capturing it.

 Remember that it is preferred for the images to have been captured within the 12 months preceding the month in which they are shown.

Please keep your total number of images to 20 so that we have plenty of time to show everyone’s.