Photography Group

Contact:  Mark Horvath   0409332633

Meets: 7pm First Tuesday of each month at the TCC Bicentennial Building (Soundshell), Kirwan.

Remember to advise of your intent to attend the day prior to the event, at the latest.

Monthly Photography Theme Guidelines

  1. Images should match the month’s theme and been captured within the 12 months preceding the month in which they are shown.
  2. There is a limit of 20 images per person, 10 themed and 10 images of your choice.
  3. The best image ratio to match the projector screen is 4:3. Cropping to this ratio ensures the image will be displayed full screen  however, it is not necessary to do so.
  4. File size for each image should be kept to around 1mb.
  5. For the five images you select to go onto the monthly photo page of the Web site, please title the files with species common name, location (optional) and your name (initial and surname).

Photography Themes

January 2022 – Flight. Little explanation required here. As long as the bird is in free space then we’ll class it as ‘Flight’.

February 2022 – Red. Simple requirement for the bird to have the colour ‘Red’ on it somewhere. Cerise, crimson, scarlet, cherry etc are all ac