Photography Group

Contact:  Mark Horvath   0409332633

Meets: 7pm First Tuesday of each month at the TCC Bicentennial Building (Soundshell), Kirwan.

Remember you must advise of your intent to attend at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Monthly Photography Theme Guidelines

  1. Images should match the month’s theme and been captured within the 12 months preceding the month in which they are shown.
  2. There is a limit of 20 images per person, 10 themed and 10 images of your choice. 
  3. The best image ratio to match the projector / screen is 4:3. Cropping to this ratio ensures the image will be displayed full screen.
  4. File size for each image should be kept to around 1mb.
  5. Don’t forget to bring your supper to the meeting so we can chin-wag over a cuppa after the photos are over.
  6. For the five images you select to go onto the monthly photo page of the Web site, please title the files with species common name, location (optional) and your name (initial and surname).

Photography Themes

January 2021 – Bird on a wire/post. This is a fairly simple one where the subject just needs to be on some form of wire or post like object. ‘Wire’ can be stretched to metal rails or even train tracks. ‘Post’ however, can’t be a naturally occurring broken off tree stump but should be something positioned there by human intervention.

February 2021 – Pairs. Looking for two birds of the same species within the image. See if you can get both in focus.

March 2021 – Pigeons and Doves. Images of species in the Columbidae family.  

April 2021 – Interaction. Expecting images where there is some form of interaction between birds, bird and human, bird and another animal etc.

May 2021 – Woodland Birds. You’ll need to obtain a copy of ‘Woodland Birds of the Burdekin Dry Tropics’ for this one. You can obtain the book from our Web Site. Looking for images of the species found within the book. There are around 50 species for you to choose from. 

June 2021 – Reflection. Obviously wanting to see a reflection of the bird in the image. Whether you just take the reflection or include the bird is up to you.

July 2021 – Parrots and Cockatoos. Straight forward requirement where images are to be of species in the families Psittaculidae or Cacatuidae.

August 2021 – Feathers and Flowers. This is a favourite, so it and has been included most years. It allows the photographer to brighten up what otherwise might be dull bird with some spectacular blooms and we all like that.

September 2020 – Raptors/Owls/Nightjars. We’ll have to plan a few night outings for the last two families so keep your ears open for when they are on. Other than that, the Raptor part should not be a problem.

October 2020 –Preening/Behaviour. Someone suggested preening as a topic and that is included here but to allow others a little leeway, I thought it might be best to include behaviour.

November 2020 – R to Z. If you successfully displayed images in March for species’ common names beginning with L to P you should have no trouble meeting the theme here.

December 2020 – Favourites. These are to be what you feel were you favourite images taken in 2020. They do not have to be your best images or even shown during the year just those that make you feel good, whether that is because it’s a great shot or it was the enjoyment of capturing it.

 Remember that the images need to have been captured within the 12 months preceding the month in which they are shown.

Please keep your total number of images to 20 so that we have plenty of time to show everyone’s.