Honours Board

Honorary Life Membership

 This award recognises distinguished service to the objects of Birdlife Australia and its predecessor organisations. It is the highest award available to members for their contribution to the organisation


Rosemary Payet — CITATION: Has had many years of  birding experience in countries including England, Kenya, Seychelles and Papua New Guinea. She has been a member of BOCA and the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club since 1992. She was a Committee Memeber from 1993 to 1996, Publicity Officer from 1996 to 1997 and is currently President of the Branch as well as its Environmental Officer.  With her husband Jock, she has been involved in all aspects of Club activities, acting as Leader on Outings, organising guest speakers,presenting talks and arranging community displays. She has also contributed to the Branch newsletter “The Drongo”. 

Rosemary was overall Coordinator of a CoastalCare project in which the Townsville Branch was involved from 1997 to 1999. Migratory Waders were the primary focus of the project, which involved surveying and monitoring sites in the RAMSAR listed Cape Bowling Green Bay area and other sites around Townsville. She organised surveys, collated data and submitted reports throughout the project, she and Jock presented the project at a North Queensland CoastCare Conference in 1999. A future CoastCare project will focus on endangered species such as Little Tern and Beach Stone-curlew and will also monitor impacts of urban development on sensitive coastal environments.

Rosemary’s experience and expertise in environmental issues has been a major strength in the Townsville Branch. She is involved in a project aiming to reduce bird strikes by aircraft at Townsville Airport. She is also a volunteer with the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park, an active member of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and a volunteer guide at the Townsville Aquarium, where she assists the Education Officer with advice on seabirds.

Rosemary was nominated for Honorary Life Membership for distinguished service to the Bird Observers Club of Australia and to ornithology, especially in the Townsville region.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is a formal acknowledgement of the enormous contribution to Birdlife Australia and its predecessor organisations made by members


Annette Sutton – CITATION: Annette Sutton has been an active member of Birdlife Townsville since first joining in 2007 and has served on both the Executive and Education sub-committee.

In 2009 she took on the role of Editor of “The Drongo” newsletter, developing the newsletter into a modern, interesting and newsworthy publication enjoyed by all members.

As Assistant Editor of “Wetland Birds of the Townsville Region”, she helped produce the second book, in our four book educational series on fifty birds and their habitat. A keen photographer, along with husband Ray, they provided many photographs used in the four books.

As a long time, competitor in the Branch’s annual fund-raising competition “The Quest”, Annette has travelled all over Queensland, diligently seeking out those elusive and difficult birds in the hope of reaching the magic figure of 365 species of birds observed in a calendar year and being crowned the winner– The Quest continues!!

Annette remains an active member participating and giving freely of her time and energy in helping the Branch remain a viable and active participant in the promotion and conservation of Australian birds. This award acknowledges and recognises her long and dedicated service.


George Baker – CITATION: As Conservation Officer since 2005, George has forged strong ties with all levels of Government, pertinent organisations and local businesses so that the Branch is now respected as a major conservation organisation in the Townsville region. He has overseen the production of three local bird conservation booklets, organised conservation project involving many hundreds of school children and actively promoted the conservation of shorebirds and Black- throated Finches. This award acknowledges this important work for the protection of birds and their habitat.

Barbara Reidy – CITATION: Has been an active Committee member of the Branch since it’s formation 20 years ago, serving as Treasurer for some years  and as an active member of the Education sub-committee. She has participated in many bird surveys and conservation projects and has also been the contact person for liaison with the Townsville city Council. This award acknowledges her long and dedicated service to the Branch.


Marleen Acton – CITATION: Has been an active and much respected member of the Branch since its inception in 1992. She has  been Tours Convenor, an enthusiastic promotor of many Branch activities including tagalongs and hosted many visitors to the area. She is a very  effective Editor of “The Drongo”, one of the most innovative and colourful Branch magazines.


Ian Boyd – CITATION: A founding member of the Branch in 1992, Ian has been an active Committee member ever since and is currently President. He has been involved in the promotion of the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park and co-representative on Airports Australia Townsville Bird Srike Committee. He has been involved in several local conservation and educational initiatives and has worked tirelessy to enhance the profile and prestige of the Branch.