About Us

In 2011, as a result of the merger between Bird Observation and Conservation Australia (BOCA) and Birds Australia (BA) into BirdLife Australia, the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club (TRBOC) is now a branch of that new organisation and is called BirdLife Townsville. Our region extends from Townsville, north to Ingham,south to the Burdekin, east to Palm Island and west to Hughenden.

The club has an membership of about 130, some of whom have received national recognition for their work in bird conservation. We hold Club meetings each month, usually with an interesting guest speaker. We conduct regular surveys of important birding sites and most months arrange club outings to one of the many interesting locations in the region, see Club Activities . In addition to our bird watching activities, we have an active Photography Group and we provide educational programs to local schools, community groups and participate in local conservation issues. 

Guests and non-members are welcome to attend a couple of our outings but as a matter of courtesy and fairness we ask you to join Birdlife Australia (our Club’s parent body) after a maximum of three outings. All events are organised by volunteers who donate their time willingly in support of BirdLife Australia’s aims.

Commitee Members

President:  Janet Robino

Secretary:   Wal Threlfall

Treasurer:   Nina Doyle

Members:   Mark Horvath, Annette Sibson, Julie Goldsbury, Peter Staunton, Janet Cross, Jill Staunton