Shorebirds 2020 Workshop: Cungulla Community Hall on Saturday 23rd January 2010.

Townsville Region Bird Observers Club (TRBOC) hosted a shorebirds identification workshop on Saturday 23rd January 2010 at Cungulla a fishing village close to the mouth of the Haughton River. The main objective of the workshop was to increase the identification skills of local birdwatchers enabling them to participate in the national Shorebirds 2020 population monitoring project.

The Shorebirds 2020 project is managed by Birds Australia using funding provided by the Federal Government’s Caring for our Country programme.
The workshop comprised of a 2 hour classroom session held in the Cungulla Community Hall with particular focus on the 28 shorebirds likely to be seen in the Townsville region. The attendees then adjourned to the nearby beach where experienced shorebird observers were on hand to help the beginners with identification of the shorebirds present on the mudflats.

Fifty persons attended the workshop and while 30 were birders from TRBOC or Birds Australia North Queensland (BANQ) we were very pleased to welcome another 20 persons from local organisations such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Department of Resource Management (DERM), Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), CSIRO, James Cook University (JCU) and locals from Cungulla.

Seven TRBOC members helped in the organisation of the classroom session while 10 members provided their experience to the attendees with the identification of shorebirds on the beach.

The two main speakers were George Baker who explained the importance of local surveys to the overall objectives of the Shorebirds 2020 program and John Lowry who provided us with a number of important aids to the identification of shorebirds. We learnt the importance of checking out the key features of the bird before trying to name the species.  

On completion of the training, TRBOC encouraged persons to join the Shorebirds 2020 programme, initially as a member of the teams already monitoring shorebird sites in our region.

TRBOC wish to thanks the Shorebirds 2020 team for their support of this workshop; they provided much of the support materials and funding to TRBOC to cover the costs of running this workshop.

G. Baker.
Jon Lowry presenting shorebird identification
Practicle identification on the mudflats
Teresa, Chis and Barbara
Marleen (left centre) giving instruction
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