Coastcare Week 2008:
BDTNRM Community Coastcare Awareness Campaign.

TRBOC provided support to Burdekin Dry Tropics Natural Resource Management (BDTNRM) for a number of Coastcare Week events in November and December 2008. The objective of the events was ‘to raise the awareness of local coastal communities to the human impact on residential and migratory shorebirds along our coastline’.

TRBOC provided display materials and conducted public bird watching sessions while BDTNRM provided the facilities, the refreshments and copies of the Coastal Bird Book.
The first event at Bushlands Beach was almost washed out. Luckily, we managed to erect the marquee before the rain started and so were able to sit and feast on the plentiful supply of snags available. The highlight of the morning was when 4 young lads turned up and showed great interest. They answered each of Ian’s birding questions and then sat on the beach studying their new books. The rain eased as we packed up and of course the people started to appear just as we were leaving!

The Alva Beach event was timed to coincide with the local market and so we had a constant stream of visitors to our stand. The combination of hands on bird parts, free books and snags was very tempting. Many of the visitors had questions on the birds in their yard and this gave us an opportunity to raise their awareness on the coastal birds in the Alva Beach area. The highlight of the day was the appearance of a Franklin’s Gull. Initially it sat in the distance just within range of the telescope and then moved much closer to the beach.

The event at Bowen got off to a bad start!! The area we planned to use and included in our local publicity documents had been closed off by contractors working on the foreshore. This forced us to set up in the grounds of the local sailing club. However, the locals found us and we had a very successful morning. Most of the visitors had come specifically for our event and so there was a lot of interest in our display. Our message was well received and we received many compliments on the content and quality of the Coastal Bird Book.
Our thanks go to the BDTNRM staff that provided the facilities and local support and to the TRBOC members who supported these events.
The display area at Bowen
George Baker (facing camera) on the beach giving out info about local Waders.
Ian Boyd and Teresa Baker (both facing towards camera) at the Alva beach stand.
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