This year’s black-throated finch waterhole count will be held on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday 24th October 2010, Once again the Black-throated Finch Recovery Team (BTFRT) is seeking volunteers for these two days to watch waterholes and count finches coming into drink. The count covers a three hour period of each morning. Volunteers may also record the other species they record at these waterholes. The list is often impressive.

We are currently finalising the detail arrangements for the count including start times and waterhole allocation, so please complete your registration and contact details for this year’s count on the black-throated finch website, .
The first BTF waterhole count was conducted in 2003, when six sites were monitored. Since then we have built up an impressive database of BTF sightings in the Townsville region for use in our research and conservation projects. Last year we mobilised 50 counters to monitor 25 different waterholes in the Townsville region and at 12 waterholes we encountered Black-throated Finches. This provided us with valuable information for use in the black-throated finch recovery programme. Further details of the waterhole count activities are explained in various documents on the website.

The BTFRT recognises and greatly appreciates the ongoing commitment made by our regular observers. The BTF waterhole count is a great opportunity for new volunteer observers to support the BTF recovery programme and hopefully to see the endangered BTF at close quarters.

If you are interested in joining one of the teams for the waterhole count then please register your interest on the BTFRT website, and a member of the BTFRT will contact you.

George Baker.
Secretary, BTFRT

01 June 2010.
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