Taken from ‘The Drongo’ No 98, September 2008

One of the benefits of taking a daily walk is being out there when something special happens.

5pm Sunday 10 August in Cranbrook. I heard strident squawking and chattering overhead and looked up to see 16 Blue-faced Honeyeaters swirling overhead. Fourteen of them were circling a pair having a ding-dong battle in midair. It all only lasted about 30 seconds and then the whole group flew off happily together.

9.30am Monday 11 August in Fulham Road, Heatley. The sky overhead suddenly erupted in frenzied activity. Birds were scattering every which way. There were Rainbow Lorikeets, Figbirds, Blue-faced Honeyeaters and even some Mynahs. The cause of all the disturbance was a Brown Goshawk slowly doing a sweep of the area. As the Goshawk moved off into the distance the others calmly returned.

5.50pm Wednesday 13 August Ross River Road, Cranbrook. Three Bush Stone Curlews flew overhead - obviously the only way to cross Ross River Road in peak hour traffic. About 20 minutes later, well after all the other birds had settled down for the night, a Hobby flew through.

Oh, yes, another benefit of walking is its good for your health.

Janet Robino
Male Figbird
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