Towards the Blue
Taken from ‘The Drongo’ No101, March 2009
Rain started falling Saturday night, Sunday morning was not looking good (light rain) for the February club outing?  We had already changed from Forestry Road, north of Townsville to Gunnado Rd (south west) in the hope of avoiding the wet.  Meeting at the Palmetum our group of 16 decided to give it a go anyway. We were all suffering from birding withdrawal!  As we left town the rain quickly got heavier but blue sky could be seen off in the distance.

A quick stop at Toonpan Lagoon on route produced many egrets, ibis, cormorants and 10 Jabiru 7 of which were juveniles. All meeting up again at Gunnado Road we spotted Bustards, Rufous-throated Honeyeaters, Zebra Finches plus several other species but the rain was following close behind so another decision had to be made. Forward ho to Reid River and Mingela, blue skies out that way.  Rain followed us to Reid River so onward to Mingela where we picked up another few species while enjoying the menacing black clouds rolling our way. With rain almost upon us we decided that we would not be able to outrun the rain (by this time we had run out of blue skies), so thought it best to go back to Reid River for smoko undercover. Once there and enjoying our coffee and eats along with a chat we noticed that Apostlebirds had moved into the other shelter where they sat drenched, on and under the table having their chat. Around 40 species were seen, an enjoyable morning with plenty of laughing at our predicament.

Marleen Acton
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