This page contains links to other websites considered to be of interest to bird watchers.

Lloyd Nielsen promotes the birds of Australia to the birders of the world. He is well known to bird watchers in tropical North
Queensland and his website contains a wealth of information for local, national and international bird watchers.
BirdLife Northern Queensland is neighboring regional group of BirdLife Australia.
Eremaea Birds - A free birding records database and atlas covering Australia and overseas.

The site also hosts Birdline which is a moderated site for posting interesting and unusual sightings. There is a section on
North Queensland where BirdLife Townsville member Len Ezzy is the local moderator. This site is full of information and once
you get the hang of getting around it you will surely keep going back to it! It is recommended that you register to get the full
benifit of the site.
BirdLife Photography - Website for BirdLife Photography - a special interest group od BirdLife Australia.
A good searcable daatbase for local fauna and flora. Note: A blank search in any of the categories will provide a complete
Martin Willis Photographics - Home page of Martin Willis a local professional bird photographer
Birdway - Home page of Ian Montgomery a local professional bird photographer
Emu-Austral Ornithology - Birds Australia has created a complete digital archive of Emu -
Austral Ornithology, back to the first issue in 1901 - an invaluable resource for all those interested in Australian birds and
the history and social significance of ornithology in this unique environment. (The connection appears to be slow so be
Townsville Accommodation - list a large selection of accommodation in the Townsville region
Australian Museum - Birds This site shows what the Australian Museum has to do with birds in Australia. There is a lot
information on this site so a good hunt around will be well rewarded. The links page on this site leads to a host of other
Australian orientated bird sites.
The Black-thoated Finch Recovery Team  The Black-throated Finch Recovery Team (BTFRT) was formed in 2002. This is the site for information about the Black-throated Finch, its habitat and the proposed actions to save this endangered species. This site has it all. BirdLife Townsville has a close affiliation with the BTFRT.
Barra Imaging is the website of Jeff Jones a photographer whose aim is to photograph all Australian bird species. The site contains some excellent bird photos and lots of intersting information about not only Australian birds but of birds from around the world,


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