Interesting Sightings      

21 December 2007:

George Baker: There are 3 Pied Herons on the Common (first viewing area). We could not find the Pratincoles, but there are plenty of Brolgas. Also we saw a Black-breasted Buzzard soaring over the Jacana hide towards Castle Hill - a life tick for Teresa and me!  Reported by George Baker

7 January 2008:

Tony Grice :
There have been 1-2 pairs of cotton pygmy geese at Aplinís Weir over the last couple of weeks. I do not see them every morning but fairly frequently. There was also a pair of white-browed crakes with two chicks on the southern side of the river just upstream of the Weir. There was a pair of azure kingfishers near the Riverside Tavern last Saturday. They must have popped in for an early drink. There was also one in the Bush Garden last month

Unknown: Pacific Golden Plovers seen today at Samphire Drive South Townsville at 8.45 am, coinciding with high tide. At least 13, possibly more. Location - on the right hand side of the Drive; go to where the road curves to the left and scan out to about. three quarters of the distance to the mangroves at the back. Best seen with a scope but binoculars will still pick them up.

Greg Bortolussi: Nankeen Night Heron at Louisa Ck (no white browed crake)
Oriental Cuckoo & Bush Stone Curlew at Palmetum (no Little Kingfisher to date). BTF at Ross River Dam wetlands (almost dry) Mangrove Gerygone at Samphire Drive.Superb Fruit Dove at Bluewater Forestry Camp. A very very fleeting glimpse of Black Bittern at Palmetum this morning. Common Sandpiper sighted at Seagulls mangroves.

Alex Appleman: Close to the Cape Cleveland Purification plant, the waders proved to be Sharpies, a Red-necked Stint and a Greenshank. Brown Quail was cooperative but no sign of the Buff-banded Rail this morning.

Greg Calvert: At Charlie Crk (mangrove creek at the mouth of Ross River) are Mangrove Gerygones (nesting), Black Butcherbird, Shining Flycatcher and Striated Herons. Varied Honeyeaters are easily seen at the moment in the mangroves behind Seagulls Resort.  Note: Charlie Ck. needs a boat to see the birds. Mudpickers in Doorey St, Sth Townsville, will supply,launch and retrieve small boats which do not require a boating licence to operate. Equipped with a small outboard motor, these are an excellent way to see some good birds with relative ease.
Uses the National Park boat ramp.

8 January 2008

Bill Holmes: Black-throated Finches seen in the same area as recently reported. A flock of 26 seen near to where the locked gate was located during construction of the dam wall, adjacent to the heavy equipment compound.

George & Teresa Baker: At the new observation post on the dam this morning there were Glossy Ibis there plus 160 Black Swans! It may also be worth a mention that the car park and access steps are now complete and so the observation post is open to all - however until the water levels rise, you will need a telescope.

Lenore & Malcolm Calvert: At the Town Common today Lathams Snipe sighted,one bird only, about half way between borrow pits and Bald Rock car park on right hand side, about 50 m from the road. Tawny Grassbird in the same area.

9 January 2008

Sooty Oystercatchers on the rocks, inside the Breakwater wall, close to where the Breakwater actually commences behind the Entertainment Centre. Also, along the Breakwater, there are Eastern Reef Egrets; juvenile Little Terns and two Grey-tailed Tattlers.

Marleen Acton: Pacific Golden Plovers and a Beach Stone Curlew on the flat areas, south side of Samphire Drive.

Bill Holmes comments on the best time to find the Pacific Golden Plovers : From my earlier observations of Golden Plovers at Samphire Drive (last year) I would also note that overcast and rainy weather appear to be requisite for the presence of GP - when the sun comes out they clear out to somewhere cooler.

1 February 2008

Len Ezzy: Ian Leach and Janet Robino have found a female Australasian Shoveler at the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant (CBPP) down at Cluden. That was late this morning after the TRBOC Survey down there.  See map in the Townsville 2006/2007 LOCAL PHONE DIRECTORY Map 22 grid reference G3 and continue on about another kilometre from where the map finishes. It was / is (?) on the pond on the right of the bitumen road, just opposite the fenced white storage tanks on the left. Probably 120 metres before the main gate to the CBPP.

Marleen Acton: Purple Swamphen found at the Town Common by Tony Grice on Jan 23rd he says it is the first time he has seen one there in 4 years while doing monthly surveys at various sites. Also seen was a Black Bittern  (whereabouts etc not confirmed at this stage).

Another sighting of interest from Tony (though it is a bit old now) is of a White-streaked Honeyeater on Kalinga (near Lakefield National Park). The sighting was made on December 14.

This morning Pat and Warren picked up Black Butcherbird in the car park at Saunders Beach.

3 February 2008

Marleen Acton: Well another good morning at the Town Common, a White-browed Robin at the Barramundi Pools, Female Shining Flycatcher at the main gate and 34+ Brahminy Kites soaring over Many Peaks Range swirling in the thermals: an unusual sight.

Greg Calvert and Leonie Mynott both saw Radjah Shelduck (while looking for the Shoveler) over at the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant  about 5-5.30pm on Friday.

Len and Chris got lots of Red Knot and several Grey Plover & Terek Sandpiper at Cungulla yesterday.

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