Taken from ‘The Drongo’ No 98, September 2008

Thursday 17 July Joan Wharton and I headed out to Gunnado Road. There had been a lot of rain the day before and overnight so things were a little damp. It was pretty slow going at first. By about 8.30am it started to warm up - temperature and bird action. Pipits in breeding colours were everywhere - sitting on the fence singing their little hearts out. A pair of Cockatiels was showing a lot of interest in an inviting hollow. There was at least 150 Red-tailed Black Cockatoos having a great feed of Chinee Apples. In all we saw 59 species.
All the usual Finches and Mannikins were present. There were hundreds of Plum-headed Finches. We saw several pairs which appeared to be displaying. One would bounce up and down on the branch and then turn towards its mate.

The Raptors did their bit to make it a memorable day. There were lots of Black and Whistling Kites, several Kestrels, a Brown Goshawk which posed very obligingly for us and a Wedge-tailed Eagle. To top it all off, as we watched hundreds of Martins flying from perch to perch, a Black Falcon circled lazily overhead. After letting us get great views in the scope, it suddenly took off and disappeared as only a falcon can do.

Janet Robino
Australasian Pipit
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin
Black Kite
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